Stacey A. Hochstadter, MSW
Behavioral Health Coordinator
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Arizona

Stacey Hochstadter is the Behavioral Health Coordinator at UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Arizona (UHCPA), which is the largest Medicaid special needs plan in the state. She is responsible for ensuring the implementation of Medicaid behavioral health contract requirements.

Ms. Hochstadter’s primary functions are to coordinate the behavioral care needs of UHCPA members, including their active involvement in all out-of-state placement decisions; develop processes to coordinate behavioral health care and physical health care among all UHCPA providers; participate in the identification of behavioral health best practices to support UHCPA; and coordinate and act as a liaison for Medicare/Medicaid dual-eligible persons and American Indians who exercise choice options regarding behavioral health services.

Ms. Hochstadter is the UHCPA project lead on a state initiative that requires health plans and community behavioral health plans to develop processes for identifying high-need/high-risk members and sharing data to create a common member list. This resource is used to develop, track, and monitor shared interventions to decrease utilization and costs over a 12-month period. She has been closely collaborating with Medicaid health plans in Arizona over the past 11 years. She served as a subject-matter expert to behavioral health integrated care teams, including Optum Care Solutions and UHCPA, for two of these years.

Ms. Hochstadter graduated from Arizona State University (ASU) in 1977 with a BA in education and a minor in psychology; worked in the mental health field for five years; and earned an MSW from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge in 1982. During her 24 years in Louisiana, she held both clinical and management positions, was a business owner, and served as a consultant. She currently is pursuing a doctorate in behavioral health from ASU. This relatively new degree focuses on integrating behavioral and physical healthcare services and systems.