Lisa Marie Pacheco, MSN, RN
Nevada’s Healthy Living Institute
University of Nevada Las Vegas

Ms. Lisa Pacheco has been a registered nurse for over 25 years. She has been a nurse and/or nurse leader on a neurosurgery unit, women’s healthcare unit, in a neonatal nursery, community resource center, and a health and wellness institute. Currently, Ms. Pacheco is the director of the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada’s Healthy Living Institute, where she oversees community health and wellness promotion. She holds a master’s degree in nursing with an emphasis in clinical systems leadership from the University of Arizona.

Ms. Pacheco was a founding member of the Nevada Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses and has served as the chair for the Nevada Section of the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrical, and Neonatal Nurses. She also serves on the Nevada Minority Health and Equity Coalition and Nevada’s Action Coalition for the Future of Nursing, and has numerous other affiliations around health care.

Ms. Pacheco is an advocate for health care, with the goal to improve the health of the community. She is passionate about being a nurse and sees herself as an influencer for the future of nursing and nursing’s role in removing health disparities.