Lisa Marie Jones, DBH, MEd, HS-BCP
Arizona State University

Dr. Lisa Marie Jones earned a doctorate in behavioral health and is a board certified human service practitioner. She specializes in integrated health care and has designed programs to implement and facilitate prevention and intervention services in a variety of settings with diverse populations.

Dr. Jones designs graduate-level course curricula and teaches courses for human service and integrated healthcare programs at Arizona State University, Cummings Graduate Institute, and Kaplan University. She is a member of an institutional review board for Cummings Graduate Institute in collaboration with the University of New Mexico. As an independent contractor, she provides integrated healthcare consultation, stress management, and multicultural health and diversity training for providers and organizations. Dr. Jones has a strong interest in the study of kinesics, proxemics, paralanguage, culture, the connection between health/illness and ethnic/non-ethnic dominant group or minority group status, and solutions to narrowing the health parity gap.

Dr. Jones was raised overseas in a military family and has a multicultural/multi-ethnic background. The majority of her family resides in Eritrea (Northeast Africa), Germany, Italy, and Pennsylvania. She relocated to Southern California in 2012, is happily married, and has three children and three grandchildren.