Gail E. Emrick, MPH/MIA
Southeast Arizona Area Health Education

Ms. Gail Emrick is the executive director of the Southeast Arizona Area Health Education Center (SEAHEC) in Nogales, Arizona. SEAHEC is a health workforce development agency that serves three U.S.–Mexico border counties in Arizona: Cochise, Pima, and Santa Cruz Counties. SEAHEC also serves as the fiscal agent for the Arizona Community Health Worker (CHW) Outreach Network and the Arizona CHW Association. Ms. Emrick is an international health and development specialist who has dedicated her professional career to promoting the well-being of individuals, families, and communities in Central America and the U.S.–Mexico border region.

Ms. Emrick provides leadership for SEAHEC to recruit, train, and retain culturally competent health providers in rural, border, and tribal communities. SEAHEC’s diverse portfolio of programs includes: (1) high school health career clubs to motivate young persons to accomplish their professional aspirations and attain health careers; (2) health professions student placement in rural clinics and hospitals; (3) provision of continuing education and continuing medical education; and (4) activities to strengthen the CHW workforce.

Ms. Emrick has served in leadership roles for numerous international and local nonprofit organizations, including Project Concern International and the United Nations World Food Program in El Salvador. She has an extensive history of collaborating with organizations to help communities address their priority development needs such as water, sanitation, and maternal/child health issues. These partnerships have included U.S.-based academic institutions (such as the University of Arizona’s Rural Health Office and Department of Family and Community Medicine); Ministries of Health, Agriculture, and Environment; and the Nutritional Institute of Central America and Panama.